Help! Two Deaf women missing!

Philippine Federation of the Deaf President Racquel Estiller-Corpuz emailed me today asking for assistance in spreading out information about the whereabouts of these two deaf women whose photos appear below:

Mahalhia Borlongan Malaluan

Marie Joy Yangyang Resultay
Marie Joy Yangyang Resultay

They have been missing since two weeks ago. Mahalhia Malauan, 21 and Marie Joy Resultay, around 28 are from Lipa City. Ms. Corpuz was informed by Mahalhia’s teacher Ms. Mariam that her parents reported her missing. I’m not familiar with Mahalhia. Marie Joy is my former student in MCCID during early 2000. If my memory serves me right, the last time I saw them was when they were both working at Nova Foundation more than four years ago.

If you have seen this women kindly contact Ms. Racquel at her celphone # 0927 4038348 or Ms Mariam at # 0920 8912912.


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  1. My personal Background is Wanted of Marie Joy Resultay…. my friend Who is Evangeline Disanes meet to Katrina Paola Suva yesterday Mall North …. Deaf happened Lost Missing is Mahalihal B. Malaluan from Lipa ,Batangas City …… my find have this Karen is have cp of smart sent text to sent cellphone of katrina paola suva Thanks you

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