Another Deaf Woman Missing!

Karen Cristine Quiambao

Another Deaf woman reported by Teacher Ms. Mariam of Lipa City, Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo, 21 year old from Sta Cruz, Laguna had been missing since last year, allegedly took by Marijoy (a lesbian) suspected by parents as pimp. Mahalhia might be the 2nd victims.

If you seen Mahalhia and Karen whereabout kindly contact Ms. Racquel at her celphone # 0927 4038348 or Ms Mariam at # 0920 8912912. Their parents are sickly because of anxiety as Ms. Mariam texted her.

Here was President Rack’s reply to my email query about the other two missing deaf women.

Dear Sir Jojo,

Maraming salamat sa impormasyon na ibinigay nyo, Siguro nga sumama si Mahalhia kay Marijoy na Lesbian, pero kailangan pa rin malaman ang kinaroroan nila at takot ang mga magulang ni mahal kasi meron din nawalang Deaf girl na taga Laguna last year pa hinahanap, kaya baka sindikato daw si Marijoy sabi ng teacher, sa Local Adult Deaf school ng Lipa nagtuturo si Ms. Mariam under management of Sir Ronnel Del Rio of PWD Lipa, worried na ang family ni Mahal. Probinsyana siya baka kung anong gawin sa kanya. Marami pa naman exploitation ng mga Deaf women.



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  1. thank you information told me Message !!!!

    Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person
    Issues, activities, experiences and technologies about Deaf People in the Philippines

    INFORMATION truth you understanding!!!

    i have will ex-attitude deaf my friend some deaf talk to Evangeline Diasnes is dont know first time told me what problem? talk your SHE “some deaf name” is Yes, here come your MARIE JOY RESULITAY is got fetch on Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo is dont know way first time visit travel on Manila City Place Deaf Many “Qupiao in Recto way” after then She “some deaf name” is Yes, here come happen We Deaf Many quarrel on Marie Joy Resulitay is mind break hot mad angry fight quarrel discussed on She “some deaf name” will want talk explain on Marie Joy Resulitay will against your Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo is afraid stressfully dont know way like go home in Laguna City “dont know way place lost” this now year last 2009 after then She “some deaf name” talk warning explain on Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo is first time awfully afriad not by MARIE JOY RESULITAY is fault wrong over hand GOT TO Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo is dont know me no money fare like go home on Parent’s is dont worry anak.. after then Happen last year 2009 at Mommy is old search where find met talk on SHE “some deaf name” is dont know supraise first time your come on Mommy is were lost anak “Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo is here Manila City” after then Mommy will angry against talk your MARIE JOY RESULITAY “DENY OR LIAR NOT” pretend ideal do cry deny your MOMMY WITH ANAK AGAINST ON Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo is back go Lipa,Batangas City with Sta Cruz, Laguna City WILL TALK STOP OFF OUT TO MARIE JOY RESULITAY is afraid me “hand over on mind break drug touch shabu be late crazy” IS WISE SKILL: LOAD OR MONEY OR FRIEND GOT SOME DEAF PROVINCE STUPID CHEAP LOST DON’T KNOW WAY OR PAY CASH MONEY of Deaf Male Attitude will plan KILL DESTROY DIED OR GOSSIP INSULIT BACKGROUP OLD TALK MET SOME DEAF is thank your boob all deaf adult or young is cheap stupid THIS CRAZY HEHE LAGUAH MIND BREAK TOUCH SHABU 14-year old change stop 15-year old clean body yet, go never doctor whole body BE LATE TOO…

    there some deaf many “blame wanted me” angry mad with your MARIE JOY RESULITAY is Bad Attitude Not Good “fetch got SOME DEAF PROVINCE LOST PLACE” met to SOME DEAF HERE MANILA CITY WHO ARE YOUR ON DEAF PERSON IN PROVINCE after then SOME DEAF METRO MANILA CITY OF NCR happen quarrel explain on SOME DEAF in Province first time visit travel not BY ORIGINAL ON MARIE JOY RESULITAY is wrong fault HAND GOT WANT FORCE OR WANT TALK TEXT CP TO SOME DEAF PROVINCE IS DONT KNOW WAY PLACE…

    this now, Announce SOME DEAF METOR MANILA CITY INFORMATION TOLD ME HELP ME THANK YOUR TALK MET LONG ON EVANGELINE DIASNE is some deaf adult or young ANGRY MAD FIND THAT MARIE JOY RESULITAY IS WRONG FAULT HAND “GOSSIP INSULIT OR GOT FETCH ON SOME DEAF PROVINCE” now happen hear find Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person “Issues, activities, experiences and technologies about Deaf People in the Philippines” REPORT ON NAME PERSON DEAF LOST FILE Mahalhia Borlongan Malaluan and Karen Cristine Quiambao Julyo…

    WE “deaf adult or young here some many” help me understanding thank you!!! PFD President Rack’s!!!! ….

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