PFD Rescues Baguio Deaf Boy

Henz, Deaf from Baguio City

Philippine Federation of the Deaf through their President Racquel Estiller-Corpuz was among those responsible for the rescue of a deaf boy from the cold streets of Baguio City. She now asked for help from those who might know this boy so that he can be brought back to his family.

Here is Ms. Racquel Corpuz’ email to Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) seeking assistance. She gave her permission for me to post her letter. Since her letter is in Filipino language, I took time to translate it in English (hopefully and properly) for our international readers.

Ma. Suzette M. Agcaoili
Director IV, Social Welfare Institutional Development Bureau

Dear Ms. Agcaoili:

Greetings from the Philippine Federation of the Deaf!

We would like to seek your attention and ask for any assistance for the Deaf boy that the Baguio City police caught walking around the streets in Baguio City wearing a very thin clothes, shivering and hungry.

The policemen brought him to DSWD and then to Baguio SPED hoping that he was a student there. The assigned teacher called me up to visit the child. He knows sign language but he doesn’t understand my standard signs so I opted to communicate with him in gestures. By the time the school is out, I hoped that the child will be fetched by the DSWD staff. But they did not come so I decided to bring her under my custody and informed the Social Welfare staff that I would like to make an assessment about the child. They agreed.

Here is my assessment, a copy of which was furnished to the DSWD Baguio.

  • He writes his name as “HENZ”
  • He wrote “Rizal” when I asked where he lives.
  • He is holding a port ticket which indicates Abra De Ilog, Calapan City, Mindoro
  • Based on his gestures, he did not buy or picked the ticket from somewhere.
  • He is silent and knows household chores.
  • He does not like to eat vegetables. He prefers fish and meat.
  • He said that his house was too far and fire has already burned it. He also gestured that his father was dead, a drunkard and a devil.
  • He said his mother was abroad, based on his gestures.
  • In spite of the afternoon heat, he still feels cold.
  • He doesn’t know how to read, write and count.
  • He motioned that he is already 13 years old.
  • On February 7, we brought him to an outing in Itogon, Benguet Swimming pool. He is a skilled swimmer and a diver. We had a difficulty telling him to get out of the pool.
  • On February 8, I brought him back to Silungan DSWD. According to the other staff, he already escaped from their place since January 30.
  • He cried when I left him.

In my opinion, he is from a coastal part of Occidental Mindoro. I hope that he would be brought back to his family because Silungan Center is too gloomy and he has nobody to talk to. I made this assessment in order for the people from DSWD to know how to find his family.

Thank you very much.

Marites Racquel Corpuz
Philippine Federation of the Deaf

I hope that through my blog, readers might provide some vital information on how to bring the child back to his family. To President Rack, “Mabuhay ka!” May your tribe increase. 🙂


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