Yay! First 160,000 Visits!

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Wow! I reached 160,000th visitors after nearly one-half year! That’s too long! 😦

Since my last Yay! post in December 21, I was only able to blog twenty times. Within these months, I received the second (April with 70) and third (May with 76) lowest average daily visits per month.

Not that I don’t have anything to blog during these times. It’s just that I have no time blogging. These months were the busiest as far as travelling and activities are concerned. In January, I participated in disability related workshop in Ilolio City with an awesome sidetrip in Boracay. In February to March, we were all extremely on the move literally, because our school for the deaf transferred to a bigger and permanent home in San Mateo, Rizal. Also during those months, we were able to conduct sign language training to officials and employees of Monde Nissin Corporation. I was also truly grateful that they accepted eight or our deaf alumni for work.

I scheduled my provincial Home Visits during summer months because for the first time in the history of MCCID, many of our deaf students live outside Metro Manila. In April, together with Deaf Trainor Jerome, we went to the island of Samar to spend our Holy Week web design work and sign language training. Then we visited one of our deaf students in Leyte. Towards the end of April, we again had a one week marathon visit to our deaf students in Isabela. By May, we again spent our days visiting deaf students in Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Albay and Sorsogon. We also conducted a three-day health camp for our Pampanga deaf students held in Baguio City. See, I was so busy to blog.:-(

Anyway, my blog now has a total of 252 posts with 653 approved comments and 559 tags. My top referrer is still Deafread.com followed by WordPress direct visits to home page and third by Facebook. My most popular blog post is still about the most popular Filipino Person With Disability, ex-governor Grace Padaca while my most popular video log post (vlog) is about the Philippine National Anthem in Filipino Sign Language.

Thank you very much to my dear readers for staying patient with me! Now, on to my first 180,000th visitors hopefully not for another half-year! 🙂


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