Uncounted Casualties

Guys, please read this very straight-forward and informative column Mr. Roberto S. Salva, the executive director of the Catholic Ministry to Deaf People. He talks about the difficulty in raising awareness on the plight of Persons With Disabilities most specifically the Deaf community.

Here is an excerpt:

Since the start of national TV coverage, deaf Filipinos have been left as non-participants in nation-building, with relevant and timely information generally inaccessible to them. Imagine not having access to TV news all your life—and that is what the deaf have experienced for over 50 years. This exclusion of the deaf is one of the reasons why the group’s literacy rate has faltered behind the non-deaf’s. Yes, literacy can be achieved through the idiot box.

To read the entire content, please go to this inquirer.net link. To support our advocacy, please go to this link or visit this website to sign up. 🙂


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