Yay! First 180,000 Visits!

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Wow! I reached another milestone in my blog experience. 180,000 people already visited my site! Hooray!

I now have 279 posts, 693 comments, 22 categories, 593 tags, 16 active followers, 36 comment followers and 39 following.

Since my last Yay! post in June 30 nearly 5 months ago, I was able to blog twenty six times. My top referrer remains Deafread.com followed by WordPress tags, third by Facebook, fourth from our school’s official website and fifth from German blogging site USA Erklärt. I wasn’t aware that I have many followers from Germany. Probably because some of our deaf graduates are already happily living there.

My top search engine term is Marlee Matlin with 1,728 views followed by “Dinig Sana Kita”, a Filipino movie about being deaf with 1,522. My most popular blog post is still about the most popular Filipino Person With Disability, ex-governor Grace Padaca while my most popular video log post (vlog) is about the Philippine National Anthem in Filipino Sign Language.

Aside from this blog which I maintained since 2007, I contributed two posts from a blog about Filipino sign language interpreters called “PinoyTerps“. They are:

  1. Tagalog ba o Ingles? (Tagalog or English?)
  2. Ang Sign Language Interpreter, Bow (The Sign Language Interpreter, Bow)

Thank you very much to my dear readers for staying patient with me! Now, on to my first 200,000th visitors most probably in 2012! 🙂

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