Government proposes call center for the deaf

A PARTYLIST representative is pushing for the creation of call centers for the deaf or hearing-impaired people.

Bagong Henerasyon Partylist Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy said that she will be filing a legislative measure requiring business establishments like fastfood chains and government agencies to put up call centers for hearing and speech impaired persons to cater to an estimated three to four million hearing-impaired Filipinos.

Herrera-Dy congratulated 30 physically-able persons who completed the two-month video relay service training program in Makati City.

She said the success of the initial VRS training has prompted the partylist organization to pursue similar programs in various local government units.

“It is the right of individuals with vocal and audiological impairment to be heard. Being able to communicate and be understood are human entitlements that must not be denied,” she stressed.

The VRS program includes sign language proficiency training and video relay computer program education, the main components of call center services for the deaf.

The VRS centers have started mushrooming in the United States and other countries that have strong government programs for persons with disabilities.

The VRS training was conducted by the Bagong Henerasyon partylist through George Taylor and his sister, Kat. Himself suffering from impaired hearing, George heads the Telecommunication Service Network for the Deaf.

* -This is a repost from People’s Journal. Similar news articles appeared in Philippine Star and Tempo.


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