Deaf man found dead in Butuan City

I have been subscribing to Google Alerts for quite some time now. As the subscription name says, Google alerts me trough email the latest relevant results based on my queries. So every time there is a latest news article, blog post, Youtube video or even discussions which includes the word/words that I’m interested in, Google emails me the results.

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In this case, I have been subscribing about anything that includes the words “deaf  Philippines” and “MCCID”. I combined the words “deaf” and “Philippines” because I only want to filter the result coming from my country.  But many times, the word “deaf” appears as a metaphor or part of an idiom “fall on deaf ears” which means being ignored by persons they were intended for. Well, that’s a shortcoming of the query.

Going to my main topic, I received an email link about a news article from Abs-cbn News about a deaf man which also has intellectual impairment killed in southern part of the Philippines. Here is the complete repost which appeared last December 13, 2011:

MANILA, Philippines – A deaf man with a mental illness was found dead in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte Monday afternoon.

The victim, identified as Alexander Pacaldo, was found in a grassy portion of a coconut farm in Barangay Cabcabon at 3:20 p.m. The farm was owned by a certain Ledio Malinao.

Police discovered head wounds on Pacaldo, who was a resident of Barangay Sumihilon.

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The victim’s remains were brought to the crime laboratory for an autopsy. – report from Tini Velasco, ABS-CBN News Caraga

I will be re-posting other articles I gathered from Google Alert. 🙂


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