Yay! First 200,000 Visits!

Wow! Wow! I reached a great milestone in my blog experience. Today I celebrate my 200,000th visits since I created this in 2008! Hooray!

English: Filipino Sign Language Font
Download MCCID FSL Font

I now have 319 posts, 792 comments, 22 categories, 685 tags, 24 active followers, 40 comment followers.

Since my last Yay! post in November 11 or four months ago, I was able to blog thirty three times. My top referrer is now Google search followed closely by Deafread.com and a far third by WordPress tags, fourth by Facebook, fifth from our school’s official website and sixth from deafvideo.tv. This is probably because I was able to post ten video logs.

My top search engine term remains the Deaf Icon Marlee Matlin followed by “Dinig Sana Kita“, a Filipino movie about being deaf, Heather Whitestone and Filipino Sign Language . My most popular blog post is still about the most popular Filipino Person With Disability, ex-governor Grace Padaca while my most popular video log post (vlog) is about the Philippine National Anthem in Filipino Sign Language.

Thank you very very much to my dear readers for staying patient with me! Now, on to my first 220,000th visitors hopefully still within 2012! 🙂

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