Raped deaf-mute preggy with twins?

This is a repost from The Negros Chronicle dated March 12, 2012.

A gang rape scandal involving minors in Bayawan Cty is overshadowed by reports that the victim, a deaf-mute, is pregnant with twins. However, there is no official confirmation to this belated pregnancy report as of press time.

Mayor Rene Gaudiel said that the victim was apparently raped three times, with the first two instances by her boyfriend and the third incident involving his boyfriend’sgang. Only two have actually raped the victim with the four other minors serving as accessory to the crime.

The city has a center for children in conflict with the law, but Gaudiel is unsure if thesuspects ageing 16-17 years old were already committed there. It was also learned that the incidents happened last December 2011 but was only reported lately as the victim’s family were at first hesitant to publicly make the charge for fear of humiliation.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development is currently collecting the affidavits for pos sibl e multiple r ape charges but are prevented by the fact that under the Juvenile Delinquency Law, they cannot be sentenced nor held in jails.

Mayor Gaudiel joins calls for the amendment of the law authored by Senator Francis Pangilinan as it is being abused by criminal gangs using minors to perpetuate some offenses knowing that they would most likely be freed.



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