Reel Time: Kumpas (signs)

Here is the original Filipino soundtrack of the song ‘Kumpas’ (hand movements) for Reel Time’s documentary of the same title. The docu features students of a school for the deaf situated at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range. I already featured this school here in my blog. Reel Time airs every Sunday, 8:45 PM on GMA News TV 11. Enjoy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reel Time: Kumpas (signs)

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  1. I liked everything except the shots of the girl signing when it showed just her hands and arms. Signing is so much more than that, and I don’t like it when cinematographers/videographers focus on only those “articulators.” It would be like watching a close-up of someone’s lips– speaking is so much more than just moving your lips. Just my opinion.

    I really liked the way the one girl signed (The one who was signing to the other girl in a conversation). It looked like she was doing a graceful kind of dance involving the hands (like ballet or Asian dancing or hula). It was beautiful because of her eyes, face, and everything.

    1. Hi Daniel!

      Yes I fully agree with all of your observations! I wish that the videographer included her face and not just her hands. Thanks for the comments! 🙂

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