Help! Filipino Sign Language article in wikipedia “Vandalized”!!!

Last June 20, a so called Wikipedia administrator named Kwamikagami blatantly vandalized the Wikipedia article about “Filipino Sign Language” or FSL and changed it to “Philippine Sign Language“. I termed the incident as an act of “vandalism” simply because he has no personal knowledge about it. Yet he completely changed the name and removed very important and significant contents of the article. He only cited the reason as “article almost incoherent“.

Here is the list of his vandalism and blatant disrespect on the Filipino Deaf community.

Vandal #1: Filipino Sign Language => Philippine Sign Language – The Filipino word has two distinct meanings. (1) Filipino pertains to the official language used by native, citizens and people residing in the Philippines. (2) Filipino means group of people who are native, citizens and residing in the Philippines. Obviously, the word Filipino Sign Language here refers to definition number 2. The language is used primarily by the Filipino deaf community. You cannot change the word to Philippine/s because it would change its meaning. Philippines is the name of our country. If you can interchange the two words, then, you can also say, American Sign Language must be changed to USA Sign Language.

Vandal #2: Article is now too American! – The article now highlights the so called influence of Americans to my very “oppressed” country. Look at what the guy retained; Delight Rice and Dennis Drake. I’m not saying that their influences were meager. They have very significant contribution in the progress of Filipino deaf. But removing other Filipinos who made equally or even stronger influence and the very important research made by the Philippine Deaf Resource Center when their organization discovered that the Filipino deaf is already using indigenous sign language as far back as 16th century in Leyte province is so not fair.

Vandal #3: Department of Education recognized Signing Exact English as the official sign language. – Now, where did he get that information? What official Department of Education memo was he citing? His reference link was already dead. But when I found the original Business World Online article he quoted, it never mentioned about the DepEd pronouncement. In fact, it even added credence on the recognition of FSL. Signing Exact English is not even a language!

To my dear readers, please help me on this. Is there some way by which we can do to revert back to Wikipedia’s original article? This is outrageous. He rudely disrespected the sovereignty of the Filipino deaf. I have already placed my complaints on the Talk page. Is there something else that I can do? 😦

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  1. Discuss it with the administrator first before accusing someone of vandalism.

    You wouldn’t be doing your part of educating the majority of the hearing community if you simply cry “foul” every time something like this happens. Give due credit that they are acting in good faith and simply isn’t aware of the Filipino Sign Language yet.

  2. Hi to you my friend,

    I don’t know how the person cited those things but as far as I am concern and believe. Every individual is unique, we have our own point of views to share. Maybe Wikipedia Administrator doesn’t really know the exact terms and words to refer to their language. In your part, likewise your very much affected, are you Deaf? I believe your not. You are maybe an advocate to the Deaf Community.

    Well, if I could place my shoes to the person whom you aligned that Accused,I would feel sad and worried because of I have mistakenly use the word without any knowledge. Instead of teaching that person the correct terms and words to say you are giving him a slap on his face the committed mistakes he did. Your same with the high priest who presumes yourself your perfect enough to know about Deaf individuals. No one is perfect. And put your self in the place of other person. If your hurting someone or not. When I read your blog, your like a lawyer, judge and more than that.

    Anyway, that is also your behavior and attitude. I don’t how are you trained of. Hope God may bless you. Just don’t make use of the Deaf to make yourself proud and be well known.A person who believe his popular because he is not looking back the things why he became popular are the persons who unconsciously believe they have everything and the first person who will absolutely FAIL and will not SUCCEED.

    1. Hello Sir! Thanks for your comment. As per the title of my blog, I am a hearing person. I am also a sign language interpreter and an advocate of the rights of Filipino deaf community. 🙂

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