deafdotph website cover
deafdotph website cover

We all experienced that the Internet empowers people. And using the web to champion a good cause gives it a better chance to succeed. Since I am always in support of improving the lives of the Filipino Deaf through technology, I value people and groups who use IT and social media to promote their advocacy. Presenting…. 🙂

According to their site,

We are an online local community advocation. goal Our goal to teach “Filipino Sign Language Online”, and we’re on our way. We promote “Deaf Community Empowerment” that value people with hearing disability, and committed to building an all-star, DEAF.PH TEAM.

Their first activity will be a Meet Up at the “Enchanted Kingdom” Theme Park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Dubbed, DEAFinitely Fabulous, the event will be on October 27, Saturday. Meeting place will be at Macdonalds Gateway, Cubao starting at 7am. For more information, you may contact:

Mark Joseph Quijano – DeafPH President at these numbers:09216635519 [SMART] and 09358981963 [GLOBE]

Let us support this website. Their community is still very new. But their future is very promising. Aside from offering Filipino Sign Language Online Courses, they will soon provide links and billboard postings about about job opportunities for the deaf, meetings, special announcements, laws, deaf success stories and many more exciting things. True to their cause, the group aims for awareness, appreciation and action.

Their slogan?

We are just getting started. COME, LEARN, EXPERIENCE & HAVE FUN!

Come and join this wonderful community and make yourselves DEAFinitely Fabulous! 🙂

What Filipino Sign Language is NOT… a short video explanation

With the recent fuzz about Filipino Sign Language and the debate whether to support House Bill 6079 (Filipino Sign Language Act of 2012) or not, let us first have an open mind, understand what this language is and how it will empower the Filipino Deaf. We hearing people have been dominating deaf education since 1907. It’s high time that we let the Filipino Deaf people decide for themselves on what language to use in teaching them.

Here is a short video explaining what FSL is NOT. Peace! 🙂

Free hearing aids!

Good news! Rotary Club of Pasig South President Gilbert Magbutay, one of my long time friend and colleague in our university publication “The Featinean” of  Feati University informed me about their project of donating free hearing aids. Here are the details:

Rotary Club of Pasig South through their President Gilbert Magbutay will be giving away 80 pcs. of hearing aids for FREE! Here are the requirements:
1. Must be between 7 to 17 y/o.
2. Must be residing within Pasig, Marikina, Caloocan, Navotas, Mandaluyong, San Mateo and Rodriguez Rizal, San Juan, and Valenzuela.
3. Must be able to sustain the purchase of batteries after our initialset and spares.

1. Candidate must seek a clearance/certification from an EENT that they can be fitted with hearing aid.
2. Submit EENT Certification via FB/Email or fax at +6326828467.
3. Rotary Club of Pasig South will schedule the hearing test and ear mould fitting at the Manila Hearing Aid.
4. Awarding of hearing aids is the culmination.

Deadline for submission of EENT Certificate will be on October 20.

Please avail of this free hearing aids. You may email the requirements in our school at or submit it in their official Facebook page at:

MCCID College offers scholarship grants this second semester

MCCID College  Students in San Mateo, RizalGood news! A group of employees from the biggest universal bank in the Philippines is willing to sponsor a group of deaf individuals to enroll this second semester. They requested MCCID not to reveal the name of their group nor the company they work for.

The group will support the full scholarship grant of deaf students for the whole three year duration of the course. The prospective applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Must be a deaf high school graduate
  2. Must enroll this second semester – school year 2012-2013
  3. Must be a NEW student, old students or students who resigned are not allowed
  4. Must pass the qualifying examination scheduled on October 30
  5. Students can choose to enroll in either of the two diploma courses offered by MCCID

Scholarship examination on October 30 will be held at MCCID College in San Mateo, Rizal. The grant is only applicable this second semester. For more details please call +632468-8079 or cell phone number +639204656138.

MCCID College of Technology, Inc.
MCCID College of Technology, Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MCCID College is one of the top schools offering post-secondary programs for the deaf. It is the only school which offers sign language program that is authorized by the Philippine government. It is arguably the best computer school for the deaf in the country especially in terms of web designing, graphic designing and data operations. It has produced more than 300 graduates since it started its operation in 1993. Most of them are gainfully employed in top government and private firms. It has also won numerous awards and recognition both locally and internationally. Please view our Wikipedia article or our official website ( to know more about us.

Please go to this link for directions to go to our place.

Filipino Sign Language Bill, a must for the Filipino Deaf

MCCID representatives pose together with Cong. Antonio Tinio
From Left: Blog owner, Omar Jolas Lazaro, Congressman Tinio and Regina Grace Buenaventura

This week, I received an email from President Rey Alfred Lee of Philippine Federation of the Deaf asking for a more aggressive campaign on the passage of the proposed House Bill 6079 or the “Filipino Sign Language Act of 2012″. The bill was authored by Congressman Antonio Tinio of Alliance of Concerned Teachers Party List. They invited MCCID College to participate in the media briefing last September 10.

FSL Advocates pose behind the Congress Hall
FSL Advocates pose behind the Congress Hall

According to Pres. Rey, “declaring Filipino Sign Language as the national sign language of the Republic of the Philippines, to be used as the medium of official communication in all transactions involving the Deaf which includes:

  1. Access to education –  Medium of instruction and curriculum, Early childhood care (pre-school), Hiring Deaf teachers, FSL training for hearing teachers and Sign language evaluation
  2. Access to justice – Judiciary, Department of Justice and Local government justice system
  3. Access to workplaces
  4. Access to public health facilities and services
  5. Access to broadcast media

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