Deaf earthquake victims need our help

To my faithful Blog Readers:

Last October 15, a Magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the island paradise of Bohol and Cebu toppling homes, schools, hospital and the heritage churches which dated back to 16th century.

Bohol Deaf Academy Dormitories
Bohol Deaf Academy Dormitories

International Deaf Education Association (IDEA) has been serving the deaf community in Bohol for more than two decades. They have deaf schools in the two worst hit towns on the island, Sagbayan and Loon. Their dormitories have been badly damaged and are in need of repair or reconstruction. The are also in immediate need for drinking water and food.

You may visit their site at to view the photos of devastation.

May I appeal to all my readers to please pray with us and help our deaf community there by giving donations either in cash or in kind. You may directly course your assistance to their organization or visit this link to give donation.

Let us continue to pray for the safety and comfort of our brothers and sisters in Bohol and Cebu…


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