Yay! First 280,000 Visits!

I admit. I haven’t been blogging for more than a quarter of a year.  I had been busy. Although it’s not an excuse. But I was pleasantly distracted by other equally important matters… matters that have not deviated from my primary mission of helping the deaf. 🙂

We were able to put up a new business for the deaf which are going through birth pains. But all of these are worth it.

There were times that I want to at least shut myself out of being involved with the deaf. Sure there are great times, and there are greater times. But there are more bad times and sometimes even worst. However you might view things, I accept that this is a fact of life.

Not that there are no ripples of activities involving the deaf and the Deaf here in the Philippines. One significant event happened last March when WFP President Collin Allen visited the Philippines and talked about Deaf Rights. Many Filipino Deaf leaders participated in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Still today, I celebrate my 280,000th visitors since I started blogging in 2008! Hooray! Actually it’s already 281,337 visitors. I just missed blogging it when the number was reached.

My WordPress dashboard says that I have 375 posts, 23 categories and 761 tags. It also says that I have 312 Blog Followers, 52 Comment Followers and 761 Facebook Followers.

My top post remained Former Isabela Governor Grace Padaca while my most commented post is about my retrospect on Philippine Deaf Education.

Thank you very very much dear readers for being patient with me! Thank you too to WordPress, the most wonderful blogging platform ever! On to my another milestone, 300,000th visitors! 🙂

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