Yay! First 450,000th Visits!

Yehey! I reached a new milestone in my blogging career! I reached my first 450,000th visits! Wait, there’s more! I already reached more than a decade of my blogging career!

Imagine, I have been blogging for eleven years! According to my WordPress Stats, I created this blog in March 6, 2007 when I published my own “Hello World” post.  It had only 18 views. But then I did not consider that as my real post because I was not really that serious in blogging. I made my “real” post more than a year later. I revived my blog by posting on April  27, 2008 because I want to pursue an ongoing news about deaf tourists being offloaded by a budget airline.

On that same month, I was excited to blog so I posted four more. The posts were about our school’s provincial house visits to families of our deaf students. Those were truly both fun and “pissed off” experience for me. A month afterwards, I had my first 1,000 Visits!

Actually, it’s already 452,588 views based on WordPress Stats so I am late celebrating. I have now published 413 blog posts. I also accumulated 284 email followers and 46 wordpress.com followers.

To my faithful readers, thank you thank you very much. Now, on to my next 500,000th visitors. 🙂


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