Deaf Nyle DiMarco mistakenly offered a wheelchair

Well, talk about mistaken identity…. err… disability! I decide to post this article because it amuses me that even on this day and age, many people are still unfamiliar with the needs and identity of the deaf people. Even a very popular deaf icon was not spared.

“Apparently being deaf at an airport means I need a wheelchair.” – Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco is a famous deaf American model, actor, and activist. In 2015, he won the reality television series America’s Next Top Model Season 22 and became the second male winner and also the first deaf winner. Then in 2016, he and professional dance partner Peta Murgatroyd won in the ABC dance competition Dancing with the Stars Season 22.

Many followers do not realize this but Nyle comes from a deaf family. Specifically, his mother Donna and father Neal Thompson are deaf. So are both of his brothers. His fraternal grandparents were also born deaf. He also does not consider himself disabled by deafness and sees his media profile as an opportunity to bring awareness to Deaf culture. He views deafness as an advantage in modeling because he is accustomed to communicating without speaking. He believes deaf actors should play deaf roles.

In October 2015, DiMarco came out as “sexually fluid” when asked during an interview with Out magazine about his sexuality. It means he belongs to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Here is the entire repost article from Teen Vogue Website:

Nyle DiMarco Said an Airline Gave Him a Wheelchair After a Flight, Seemingly Because He’s Deaf

“Apparently being deaf at an airport means I need a wheelchair.”

When Nyle got off a recent flight, he tweeted that he was greeted with a wheelchair meant to help him get through the airport. However, Nyle can get around without assistance, so why was the chair waiting for him? Nyle posited that it might be because he’s deaf. “Not a clear video but apparently being deaf at an airport means I need a wheelchair,” Nyle wrote alongside a video of him walking up to the chair and greeting the person waiting with it. This was probably some sort of mix up, but just in case it needs to be said: Being deaf doesn’t mean a person requires a wheelchair. Nyle apparently had a sense of humor about the situation, noting that the person waiting with the chair seemed to recognize the mistake.

“Y’all should’ve seen the look on the guy’s face tho lmao, he knew delta made a huge mistake 💀💀💀,” Nyle wrote in a follow-up tweet.

For their part, Delta called the whole thing a miscommunication.

But Nyle isn’t the only deaf person this has happened to. In his Twitter mentions, others said they too have been greeted by unnecessary wheelchairs from different airlines. It’s unclear how or why this happens, as airlines have different processes for disabled people to get assistance. Delta’s website states that you can request different services if you are deaf or hard of hearing, and has a separate form for wheelchair requests. Meanwhile, others who do need wheelchairs said that they have had trouble getting them upon disembarking from flights on various airlines. In fact, much has been written about the barriers people who use wheelchairs face when traveling, including damaged wheelchairs and judgment and mistreatment ambulatory wheelchair users have reported.

Delta’s mistake is one of the funnier, innocuous snafus that Nyle’s been public about, but not all situations he encounters, seemingly because he’s deaf, are so lighthearted. Nyle has opened up about having to leave movie theaters because they aren’t accessible for deaf people, called out the occasions when deafness was used as the butt of a joke, and has combatted the “inspiration porn” videos that show deaf children hearing for the first time.

Teen Vogue has reached out to Nyle to see if he has comment on the situation.

You may view the news article from this link:

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