So humbled for quoting me about web accessibility

Thank you very much to Accessibility of Nottingham in UK, Accessibility for Noobs, the US Bureau of Reclamation, and Access2Digital of UK! So humbled that you are one with me in believing that “access to the web is not only for people with disabilities but for all of us who are thankful that there are no barriers in using our abilities.”

Aside from sign language, another passion that I focused on is web accessibility. Since I am already into the disability, why not harmonize it with my other endeavor which is information and communications technology. And so, inclusive and unhampered access to the web became my advocacy.

While I was researching for web accessibility in support for my approved project which I am raring to brag about but cannot due to the non-disclosure agreement which I signed, I googled my complete name “Remberto Esposa Jr”. I was super surprised that there were a couple of websites, a government magazine and a tweet which appeared on the result! And they were all quoting my belief about accessible ICT and the web.

I’m not sure how they got my quote. But I have a hunch that they were searching for popular “access to the web” or “web accessibility” quotes from the collection which I posted on the Philippine Web Accessibility Group Official Website. Although the group has been inactive ever since the Philippine government adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guideline 2.0 in 2017, I still maintained the site as a repository of resources on web accessibility.

Here are the screenshots of their web and tweet posts including the live links:

Accessibility of Nottingham, UK
Accessibility for Noobs
US Bureau of Reclamation Magazine Summer 2012
Open Access Tech
Hey Nova Inclusive Design Company of British Columbia

The quote dates may be old, but all of this is new information to me. So again, to the respective owners of the websites, thank you very very much! Cheers!!!


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