On Sign Language Interpreting Biases – Part 2 and the “Deaf and HOH Uniteam Group” Story

Now, what about my other sign language interpreter colleagues? Although I was not actively monitoring their sign language interpretation on TV, in fairness to them, I did not see any significant change in their "tone" when news about other candidates they don't endorse are being broadcast every time I read their signing. However, I'm not deaf. I don't have that special sense that something is off that a deaf person can "see and feel".

The Deaf and Access to Museum Services

Every time I conduct deaf sensitivity seminars, I see to it that I list down issues and concerns of deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors/customers in accessing their products and services. The National Museum is another excellent example. I explained to the participants that among Persons With Disabilities, deaf people are the most mobile in the sector. The deaf loves to travel and enjoys going outdoors. The museum should make reasonable adjustments for this particular group can have a pleasant and productive experience.

My TV Interpreting and Former President Aquino

This activity was a trailblazer of sorts because, on the succeeding years, all TV stations broadcast the president's SONA with inset sign language interpreting. With this, I can probably conclude that this is one of the former president's impacting legacy. Condolence again to the family of the late President.

Interpreting on a Pandemic Wedding

When this COVID Pandemic started wreaking havoc on our entire world order in February 2020, I decided to refrain from accepting any sign language interpreting services despite a few invitations from my colleagues in the community. This was mainly due to strict government protocols of not allowing people to go out unless extremely necessary, as... Continue Reading →

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