Interpreting on a Pandemic Wedding

When this COVID Pandemic started wreaking havoc on our entire world order in February 2020, I decided to refrain from accepting any sign language interpreting services despite a few invitations from my colleagues in the community. This was mainly due to strict government protocols of not allowing people to go out unless extremely necessary, as... Continue Reading →

AI can turn spoken language into photorealistic sign language videos

Image from NewScientist Newscientist website published an article regarding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that "can produce photorealistic videos of sign language interpreters from speech could improve accessibility by removing the need for humans." According to the site, Ben Saunders at the University of Surrey, UK, and his colleagues used a neural network that converts spoken language into sign... Continue Reading →

Can a deaf person be a reliable witness?

Can a deaf person be a competent witness? How can they qualify as witnesses? Sergio, low-verbal deaf who lives in Manila, testified before a Regional Trial Court, aided by a sign language interpreter, saying that he saw his three hearing friends took turns in raping, killing and stealing the belongings of a working lady named Erica. Find out the court's decision.

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