Deaf and Ghosts

Cartoon drawing of ghost shouting to a deaf personHmmm… this is something to ponder upon. As a person who possess complete senses; seeing, feeling and hearing supernatural phenomenon is understandable. I can hear eerie sounds while watching some white blob floating right passed me.

For a blind person? Well, he can hear the eerie but the fright is dampened because he can’t see it. I remember being invited to lecture in a workshop on web accessibility in a 4-star hotel in Baguio City, famous for its ghost hauntings and apparitions. We were ganging up on my long time “adopted sister” Lourdes who was totally blind, about seeing unknown beings. We asked her how she would react if a ghost in white would sit beside her. She proudly answered that she won’t get frightened and would just shrug him off. Anyway, she can’t see him. Although her roommate Joan saw some “white thing” in the front porch of the hotel room. But that’s another story.

Now, what about a deaf person? The sound is turned OFF. But the sight is completely ON! And that’s the most important tool to experience a hair-raising situation. I again had a chance to chat with Sir Jeff Cortez, my hearing buddy in house visits, during his class break. Although I have lived much longer than him (he’s only 19), but my experience being with the deaf is nothing compared to his. That’s why I take pleasure talking with him. This time our center of chat was about ghosts. We are both Bible-believing born again Christians. His father is a deaf pastor and an elementary school teacher. We ought to dismiss the idea about the supernatural. But he has challenged my faith against the unknown.

Although I had my own share of ghost experiences, his was more creepy. Jeff spent his elementary and high school in Laguna Christian Colleges for the Deaf, in the third-class town of Cavinti, a mountanous jungle near Mt. Makiling. One time he and his mother, who is also deaf, were making their usual 5:00 am routine of preparing meals for the family in Laguna. As they went about their ways, they saw a huge carabao passed a few feet away from them hovering, then simply vanished through the trees! They swore they didn’t see the feet of the four-legged beast. After that, they saw two men-folk, motioning as if they were plowing the field following the direction of the water buffalo. The difference is, there is no field, and they all dressed in white floating into thin air! They too disappeared into the forest. After that scary event, they looked at each other and started running inside the house! They promised never to come out again at dawn. Sounds? Not necessary!

This one happened to his deaf father. Jeff described him as a very brave person. One very dark evening, while he was taking a short nap in the “papag” (bed made of bamboo) outside their house, a scary thing occured. His bed was moving! He knew everybody was inside the house. No one was with him. But his bed was really moving as if people were carrying him! He looked around to try and find out what’s going on. He rushed to get his battery. But it’s not working! As the bed kept on pounding and pressing on the pavement harder and harder, he’s held on to the bamboo edges while praying to God in signs motioning on the ” black beings” to stop. A few short while, it did. He rushed into the house and told everything to the family at the same time looking for spare batteries. He again ran out of the house and figured out what really took place. A sick joke or rambling animals? Not if you are in the middle of the forest.

Ghost Door
Door where the apparition appeared.

Our house visits last April also had its share of paranormal incidents. The vacation house of Lorenzo’s Aunt in Pangasinan has a modern style complete with basic amenities. It has three rooms; one was his aunt’s personal bedroom, the one in the middle was a guestroom-slash-Lorenzo’s (if he’s vacationing in the province) and the room of his “lola” (grandmother) who just died last year. Jeff and I slept in the guestroom while the rest of the deaf squeezed themselves inside the lola’s room. The room was clean and cozy but the photos and other personal things of their lola were still there intact including the candlelighted altar of some images. There was nothing unusual happened, except everybody cannot sleep. It’s either too hot or too dry. So they all opted to bring their beddings and slept on the floor of the living room. Probably because we are still not accustomed to the place. I slept on the bed while Jeff placed a mattress on the floor beside mine. I too tried to sleep but after a few dozing off, I was awaken by a loud voice from Jeff while banging his right knee on the side of my bed. Well, I thought he just had a bad dream. So I again went back to sleep.

Later on I found out that at that time, he was uttering a prayer while trying to unfreeze his numbed body struggling to break free from “some thing” that is pressing on top of his chest. All of this is happening while seeing Lorenzo’s lola standing on the door staring right at him!

Wanna share your ghostly experiences with the deaf? Post them here. 🙂

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