Deaf Dating Scam

I knew about this embarrassing mess ever since web cam became high tech and movement is more fluid and smooth. With the immense popularity of CamFrog among the Deaf community, they have become more hooked in online chatting through sign language. Although it brought empowerment to the Deaf especially by breaking the communication barrier, it has also brought in lusts and other immoralities all too common for the hearing community.

I cannot help but include this on my blog because every time I Google the phrase “deaf philippines“, this YouTube video entry always sorely appear among the top 5. My blog is not even on the top 10! Being a Filipino, I know that this is a humiliation for me. But I must include this to give warning to other deaf.

I am not familiar with this girl involved in this scam because she attended at College of St. Benilde. But I know HER OLDER SISTER because she was my student at MCCID many years ago although she dropped out during her second year. I consider sophomore as a crucial year because that’s the time when we provide our students with frequent counseling sessions. On that year, we also personally visit their houses to assess their family background, interact/bond with them and try to patch up some misunderstanding between the predominantly hearing parents and their deaf child. I have not met her ever since she dropped out of school.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the video posts’ authors. Their faces are fully covered with cloth masks (bonnet) while signing. The Filipina Deaf must have done terribly wrong against them. I also cannot vouch for the veracity of their claims. It’s up to you dear readers to believe them or not. However, I placed this on my blog as a warning to the Deaf people worldwide that you must be careful in your dealings over the Internet.

Note: They disabled video embedding so you can only view their entire posts at:


More on this issue on my next blog posts.

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