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Facebook is now the most popular social networking site. To date they already have more than 350 million users. And with that many people, privacy will definitely be compromised. So when they recently placed a banner heading every time you login, informing us that they will soon be removing regional networks – or grouping of people based on where they live – , I got a bit scared.

I rarely tweet, never plurked, blog once in a while and despise Friendster because of its convoluted interface (I heard they already made a revamped Facebooky style). But with Facebook, I got hooked!

Now, when you’re in someone’s network, let’s say you belonged to the same school or company, you essentially “friend” everyone on that network, allowing others to see the entirety of your Facebook page (this can be changed in your privacy settings). With these latest developments, would other groupings be controlled next?

With that fear constantly entering my paranoid mind, I might as well share with you a list of my favorite deaf related groups and pages before it’s too late. 🙂

  • DEAF NATION (Language, Culture and Pride) – It has extensive deaf related features including Matt Hammil, the famous deaf wrestler.
  • DEAF CULTURE AND SIGN LANGUAGE – Their latest wall post says,

    hi everyone, we use ASL (American Sign Language) in USA and we use CSL (Chinese Sign Language) in China, right? how about you? would you please tell us what your sign language is? thank you.

  • THE CAPTION HUNT PROJECT – This is an on-going entertainment research project by 2GuysTaking providing entertaining yet detailed closed captioning reports for a continually-growing list of television programs, DVDs, feature films and more.
  • DEAF FILIPINO AMERICAN – This is a social networking group where you can meet new friends, keeping in touch with the old ones, Filipino culture events and of course, Deaf Filipino news.

I also have a list of favorite Fan Pages of schools for the deaf in the Philippines. These are:

These are only my initial lists. It will definitely increase so long as my enamor with Facebook is still there. Oh by the way, I would also like to share with you my current wall post:

Facebook is not a contest as to how many friends you have but as to how long you keep the friends you have.


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