Deaf Stress Video

Guys, please watch this amateur video made by our deaf students at Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf (MCCID). This ten-minute drama story in Open Caption shows the Deaf person’s life after graduating in college and having difficulty finding job. It has been uploaded in YouTube only a few months ago yet it already received nearly 10,000 hits and has been rated 4 Stars 15 times.

Please be reminded that this is an AMATEUR video of our students as part of their digital video editing subject. All actors are deaf even those who portray as hearing persons. Sorry for the sounds. It’s not being edited well. Also, the lead actor putting dark shades while being interviewed for a job is inappropriate. Hey, they are all amateurs. They are allowed to make mistakes, aren’t they? Let’s just cut them some slack, shall we? 🙂

Additional Information: Since we are talking about employment, I like to tell you that almost all of the deaf actors who appeared in this video are now gainfully employed in various companies in the Philippines. The lead actor Emmanuel works as a data encoder in a government agency together with Rachel Ann while the director Dianne Barcelona teaches at MCCID. Emmanuel’s mother (Clara Isabel) is now connected with a leading Philippine toothpaste company. Carlito (Emmanuel’s friend) is one of the staff of a city vice mayor and Jerson established a start-up business in computers. 🙂

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