Deaf man found dead in Butuan City

I have been subscribing to Google Alerts for quite some time now. As the subscription name says, Google alerts me trough email the latest relevant results based on my queries. So every time there is a latest news article, blog post, Youtube video or even discussions which includes the word/words that I’m interested in, Google emails me the results.

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In this case, I have been subscribing about anything that includes the words “deaf  Philippines” and “MCCID”. I combined the words “deaf” and “Philippines” because I only want to filter the result coming from my country.  But many times, the word “deaf” appears as a metaphor or part of an idiom “fall on deaf ears” which means being ignored by persons they were intended for. Well, that’s a shortcoming of the query.

Going to my main topic, I received an email link about a news article from Abs-cbn News about a deaf man which also has intellectual impairment killed in southern part of the Philippines. Here is the complete repost which appeared last December 13, 2011:

MANILA, Philippines – A deaf man with a mental illness was found dead in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte Monday afternoon.

The victim, identified as Alexander Pacaldo, was found in a grassy portion of a coconut farm in Barangay Cabcabon at 3:20 p.m. The farm was owned by a certain Ledio Malinao.

Police discovered head wounds on Pacaldo, who was a resident of Barangay Sumihilon.

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The victim’s remains were brought to the crime laboratory for an autopsy. – report from Tini Velasco, ABS-CBN News Caraga

I will be re-posting other articles I gathered from Google Alert. 🙂


Discovering Deaf Worlds Video Interviews MCCID

Here are the videos uploaded in YouTube by our former Deaf Trainor Ma’am Tina Malay, a Gallaudet alumna. It’s about the visit of Davin Searls to the old building of MCCID College of Technology in Cubao. Davin is the Executive Director of Discovering Deaf Worlds (DDW) and had an interview with Sir Ervin Reyes. Enjoy! 🙂

Ma’am guided Davin Searls to visit the old building of MCCID College of Technology in Cubao. He is Executive Director of Discovering Deaf Worlds (DDW) and had interview with Sir Ervin.

Ma’am Tina guided Davin to meet Mr. & Mrs. Esposa at the Registrar’s Office. Ma’am Beth volunteered to interpret the conversation between Mr. & Mrs. Esposa and Davin.

Discovering Deaf Worlds articles about the Philippines

I received this amazing article from an amazing person Ms. Naty Natividad of Philippine National Association of Sign Language Interpreters (PNASLI). It’s about  this amazing group of advocates who are fighting the good fight to educate Deaf people in the Philippines about their rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which was posted online by Discovering Deaf Worlds (DDW). I know that they are truly amazing because I have worked with them many times before until now. Here is the link.

Here are other links which I discovered from DDW:

  1. DDW’s Page about the Philippines including list of schools where our school MCCID appears – They also had a collage of beautiful places they’ve been to in our country. –
  2. An Article about Philippine Association of the Deaf which appears in their Newsletter entitled “A Coffee Shop, A Legacy, A Future” – You can view the online issue here.  –
  3. List of Organizations in the Philippines including links –

Thank you very much DDW for visiting our country and sharing your blessings and advocacy with us! You are amazing! 🙂

Animation company tries Deaf Artists

Sir Eric gives individualized instructions to the deaf.
Sir Eric gives individualized instructions to the deaf.

November started with a great blessing for our deaf alumni as they undergone and passed the pre-qualification training for 2D Animation course. Seven deaf alumni from our school took the test last November 3 and are already training since November 7.

I’m truly grateful for Take One Animation Studio and their Manager Sir Eric Tansingco for giving our Filipino deaf a chance to showcase their talent in drawing and providing opportunity to enhance their skill. Probably the first of its kind, the Philippines will now have its first deaf animators.

Deaf Rommel Isagani Rosas draws in-betweening.
Deaf Rommel Isagani Rosas draws in-betweening.

Sir Eric offered the opportunity for free to the deaf as part of his advocacy in providing jobs for less fortunate youth. This time, he wants to give chance to Persons With Disabilities to work for his future projects. The National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) provided the bridge by recommending MCCID to Take One Animation.

Sir Eric Tansingco (middle) of Take One Animation Studio receives a token Sign Language Wall Clock from MCCID.
Sir Eric Tansingco (middle) of Take One Animation Studio receives a token Sign Language Wall Clock from MCCID.

Now on its eleventh year, Take One Animation Studio specializes in 2D animation services for traditional Japanese and Western (Disney-type) animation. They also conduct 2D and 3D animation trainings and workshops. Among their hugely successful projects include Onepiece, DragonballZ, Precure, Flying Trapeeze and Mari & Gali. They also do clean-up and in-betweening works for TOEI Animation Philippines, the only subsidiary company outside Japan.

Aside from Reyes, others who passed and formed the first batch of trainees are Jepa Kerena Basilio, Gibson Cruz, Rommel Isagani Rosas, Richee Balatinsayo, Aisa Rizza Tura and Eleazar Fancubit. All of them are graduates of the three-year Diploma in Arts and Computer Design Technology course offered by MCCID. Two deaf examinees from another school for the deaf failed to complete the evaluation.

Sir Eric hopes to fill up 80% of the slot coming from Persons With Disabilities. Based on his initial observation, he sees a great potential for deaf 2D Animators. Evaluation will again be given to the first batch, after which, they will be automatically hired to work as In-betweeners and assistant 2D Animators.

I hope they all pass. Thank you very much for companies like Take One Animation for allowing our deaf to become productive citizens of the country. May your tribe increase. 🙂

Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf at 18!

MCCID College at 18 Wallpaper
MCCID College at 18 Wallpaper

Happy 18th year to Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf, now MCCID College of Technology! Wow! How time flies! The school has experienced a whirlwind of activities and abundance of blessings! Foundation day will be held this Friday, October 14, at Luyong Restaurant in JP Rizal, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.


We look forward to the next 18 years! 🙂

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