Gallaudet U lists Philippine Deaf Organizations and Schools

Gallaudet University Logo Danilo Torres, Website Assistant at World Deaf Information Resource Project of Gallaudet University contacted me after I requested him to add our college for the deaf to be listed on their website.

Well, I was fortunate enough that he granted my request. So after he verified our information, he recently included MCCID College of Technology in their list under the “Deaf Schools in the Philippines” category. MCCID is listed together with MC-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf and Bohol Deaf Academy.

According to them, their website is an initiative of the Gallaudet University Center for International Programs and Services (CIPS). CIPS created the web site to help people find deaf-related information resources around the world. As the first step in this evolving project, they have gathered contact information for hundreds of organizations and schools in more than 145 countries.

Their main goal is to add more countries when they obtain information for them. In the future, they hope to expand the website to include many more types of deaf-related information resources including links to reports on the living situation of deaf people around the world, links to resources related to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and links to toolkits and training manuals oriented at deaf people and people who work with them.

To Gallaudet U, thank you for including our school on your list. 🙂

Happy 2010!

MCCID Deaf Students and Faculty during the Annual Laguna Outing, January 4-5, 2010
Faculty Lunch in Laguna
MCCID Faculty (From Left:) Me, Sir Jerome (deaf), Sir Ervin (deaf), Ma'am Charmagne (hearing) and Ma'am Tina (deaf)

The past year has brought both hardships and triumphs in our lives. The weather was a disaster. The economy was in a see-saw. Most people say that they became poorer in 2009 than in the past years.

One good thing I love being with the Deaf (at least from those whom I am associated with) is that they are both pragmatic and optimistic. They love a good life. They might not hear some wonders of the world. Well, at least they are shield against some problems of the world. Majority of them believe that good things will soon happen.

Did you know that the phrase “And it came to pass…” appeared 452 times in the Good Book? We may not have everything. Our goals in 2009 may not have reached. We may look at the misery around us. But we know that God will see us through. Then we can look up, smile, and say, “It came to pass.”

Here’s to another blessed year given to us and another blogging year for me! Cheers and Happy 2010 from yours truly! 🙂

Philippine National Anthem Video in Filipino Sign Language

Watch this 1.24-minute video-dramatization of the Philippine National Anthem signed by deaf students using Filipino Sign Language. The nineteenth century costumes were used highlighting the country’s condition and uprising against colonial Spanish era. It has both Tagalog and English captions. The presentation was videotaped behind the picturesque mountains of San Mateo in Rizal province. It is a 6,000 sq. m. property where the future site of MCCID will be erected.

This activity was conceptualized by MCCID Faculty Sir Jefferson Cortez as part of his Filipino Sign Language class. Lucky McGill Paltep (the one holding the Philippine Flag), a 2nd year Diploma in Arts and Computer Design Technology (DACDT) deaf student choreographed the sequences. Maricris Siping did the sign language interpretation. Overall director was MCCID Deaf Coordinator Sir Ervin Reyes.

Read more about how this short video presentation took shape and some insights about being a deaf person on the blog of my idol-friend Jeff. Enjoy 🙂

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