Docu-film on State of ICT for Persons With Disabilities

Dubbed "From Why to How in ICT for Persons With Disabilities", it first shows the status of ICT and how those with disabilities were struggling to overcome the hurdles, and the government's continued advocacy and information dissemination. It then leads to its significant contribution to the article provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities. The Philippines became a signatory of this convention in 2008.

My TV Interpreting and Former President Aquino

This activity was a trailblazer of sorts because, on the succeeding years, all TV stations broadcast the president's SONA with inset sign language interpreting. With this, I can probably conclude that this is one of the former president's impacting legacy. Condolence again to the family of the late President.

Interpreting on a Pandemic Wedding

When this COVID Pandemic started wreaking havoc on our entire world order in February 2020, I decided to refrain from accepting any sign language interpreting services despite a few invitations from my colleagues in the community. This was mainly due to strict government protocols of not allowing people to go out unless extremely necessary, as... Continue Reading →

Philippine Census Leaves PWD Count

I count myself as one of those who affirmed with the sentiments of the disability council. MCCID was one of the fortunate places where the National Statistics Office handed over a census questionnaire. I personally read the form and was very disappointed that there was no question there about the number of PWDs residing in... Continue Reading →

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