Difference Between American Sign Language and Filipino Sign Language in Fingerspell

The most significant difference is with the letters E, G and T. Download Filipino Sign Language Font 2 here! Visit our Official Facebook page here.

Download Filipino Sign Language Font 2

Learn Sign Language through your keyboard. Download the first ever Filipino Sign Language Font. You may freely use this font for personal or commercial use. However, a kind gesture of mentioning our school’s name would be highly appreciated. https://www.mccid.edu.ph
The MCCID FSL Font has all the equivalent alphabets and numeric characters that are used in finger spelling and hand sign. The hands used are similar to those with white gloves so special markings like fingernails and hand lines don’t appear. The characters are comic like to make the letters more clear and easier to copy.

MCCID FSL Font is different from other sign language fonts because it presents the uniquely Filipino signs of the letters “E” and “G”. Aside from that, it also has equivalent hand signs for 29 special keyboard characters including the ampersand (&), dollar ($), per cent (%), etc. A total of 65 characters are represented in signs.
MCCID aims for the font to be accessed and installed freely to anybody’s computers in order to promote the learning of sign language and increase people’s awareness in learning this special language of the Deaf people.

MCCID FSL Font 1.0 Features

  • MCCID FSL Font first version is only 135 kb.
  • MCCID FSL Font is a True Type Font. The primary strength of TrueType was originally that it offered font developers a high degree of control over precisely how their fonts are displayed, right down to particular pixels, at various font heights.
  • It can be installed into any PC with Windows Operating System as well as Apple Mac OS 10 and above. It has also been tested for Linux Based OS (Ubuntu).
  • Lower case and upper case hand letters are the same.
  • MCCID FSL Font is a Regular Font. It means you can convert each character into Boldface and Italics.
  • As a dingbat font, MCCID FSL Font does not appear clearly on font size lower than 90. You can better appreciate the font if you change the character size to 100 and above. 300 is the recommended font size.
  • Unlike the Gallaudet American Sign Language Font, British Sign Language Font or Braille Fonts, the MCCID FSL Font offers more than 50 equivalent keyboard characters except for the tilde (~), caret (^) and closed apostrophe (`).

MCCID FSL Font 2 Features

  • MCCID FSL Font 2.0 is slightly lighter at 101kb.
  • Aside from the True Type Font (TTF), MCCID FSL Font is now available in Open Type Font (OTF) which offers a more extended characters. OTF is a joint effort of Microsoft and Adobe and is now more commonly used.
  • The fonts are now with smoother and more realistic hands inside the white gloves.
  • MCCID FSL Font 2 now appears clearly on sizes above 60.
  • The fingerspell of letter “C” is corrected.
  • MCCID FSL Font 2 now offers 72 characters or an additional of twelve from the previous version. Special characters like 1/2, 1/4, division symbol and enye are added.

Download the font by clicking on the link below:

MCCID FSL Font 2.0

Introducing www.deaf.ph

deafdotph website cover
deafdotph website cover

We all experienced that the Internet empowers people. And using the web to champion a good cause gives it a better chance to succeed. Since I am always in support of improving the lives of the Filipino Deaf through technology, I value people and groups who use IT and social media to promote their advocacy. Presenting….

www.deaf.ph 🙂

According to their site,

We are an online local community advocation. goal Our goal to teach “Filipino Sign Language Online”, and we’re on our way. We promote “Deaf Community Empowerment” that value people with hearing disability, and committed to building an all-star, DEAF.PH TEAM.

Their first activity will be a Meet Up at the “Enchanted Kingdom” Theme Park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Dubbed, DEAFinitely Fabulous, the event will be on October 27, Saturday. Meeting place will be at Macdonalds Gateway, Cubao starting at 7am. For more information, you may contact:

Mark Joseph Quijano – DeafPH President at these numbers:09216635519 [SMART] and 09358981963 [GLOBE]

Let us support this website. Their community is still very new. But their future is very promising. Aside from offering Filipino Sign Language Online Courses, they will soon provide links and billboard postings about about job opportunities for the deaf, meetings, special announcements, laws, deaf success stories and many more exciting things. True to their cause, the group aims for awareness, appreciation and action.

Their slogan?

We are just getting started. COME, LEARN, EXPERIENCE & HAVE FUN!

Come and join this wonderful community and make yourselves DEAFinitely Fabulous! 🙂

MCCID Website was hacked! And how I fixed it…

website hacked mccid page
Let’s put off my deaf advocacy hat here temporarily and put on my web designing hat in order to give you the technical details of what happened. After arriving from an appointment the whole day last Monday (November 21), I was very much surprised when our Deaf Trainor Sir Jerome approached me and gave me the shocking news that our school’s official website “www.mccid.edu.ph” was hacked!

As he was demo-teaching Internet subject that morning and used our school’s site as his example, he clicked on a page link. He got stunned when a porno site appeared! His students were also surprised and resorted to teasing him assuming that he is fond of opening these sites. When he clicked on the back button, the home page appears unchanged. Again, when he tried to visit another internal link, same thing happened! That disgusting porn site appeared again and again! He felt so humiliated about it. But when he gave me the bad news, I took it as an emergency case.

I have experienced before having websites I designed being hacked by malicious people who have nothing more to do than take glory in destroying other people’s reputation. The first one was with a website I designed being defaced. The other was the Official Government Website being turned into an Middle Eastern Propaganda site. This is the third one .

I took things calmly and tried to make some sense out of the flimsy belief that WordPress sites are difficult to hack. Well these bastards have done it again! Here are the things I did.

  1. First I tried looking at the codes to see if they actually changed the href tag. They didn’t! WordPress uses php functions to control the links.
  2. Then I tried checking the site’s files/folders using ftp to see if there are suspicious files added. There weren’t.
  3. Probably there is a vulnerability in having an outdated WordPress version (3.1.1) so I updated to 3.2.1. Again, the site still redirects to a porn site.
  4. I tried checking on the Permalinks. On the left menu, I clicked on Permalinks under Settings group. Then I selected the default setting format. It worked! The posts went back to their original content although the permalink was changed. Also, the changes only affected the posts, but not the pages.
  5. So I looked for plugins that changes the Permalink settings by adding .html or .php on URL and not just the common one. I did find two; the .html on Pages and the Improved Page Permalinks. It didn’t work. It didn’t even change the sites in-links.
  6. I also tried the Exploit Scanner plugin to view some weak links. But it also produced negative result. I simply cannot find the culprit.

So my last resort is to do what I similarly did with the government website, I need to re-install WordPress. But I gave myself another crack at it. I noticed that when I used Filezilla to view the file directory, all of the WordPress files dates were modified on November 21, the day I updated the version, except for .htaccess file. My doubts became more apparent when I saw the date created was 11/19/2011, which was just fairly recent. That’s most likely the date the malicious person penetrated my site.

To erase my suspicion, I opened the .htaccess file and bam! The file content was compromised! Instead of 401 code File not Found, the malicious hacker changed it to his own porno site. According to Wikipedia,

A .htaccess (hypertext access) file is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers, that allows for decentralized management of web server configuration.

The original purpose of .htaccess – reflected in its name – was to allow per-directory access control, by for example requiring a password to access the content. Nowadays however, the .htaccess files can override many other configuration settings including content type and character set, CGI handlers, etc.

.htaccess file
So this is the one that overridden our school’s website. When I opened the file, the porno site URL appears!

WordPress .htaccess hack codes
The same thing happened to the WordPress .htaccess file. It overridden the file with its own. It even removed the WordPress built-in codes.

Now, how do we solve these problems from cropping up again? The answer is, NONE. So long as there are mischievous, good-for-nothing guys out there whose main goal is to destroy others business, the hacking remains. But you can help minimize the intrusion by doing these simple suggestions:

  • BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP OFTEN – WordPress developers have created plugins to automatically backup your database. My favorite is WordPress Database Backup by Austin Matzko. But nothing beats the old ftp back up style which you all web developers are used to. In this case, I simply deleted the .htaccess file and re-copied the back up one.
  • Don’t use .htaccess on your main server folder. Hackers usually look for this file as one of the common way to enter your fortress.

File Attribute in Filezilla
File Attribute in Filezilla

  • Since WordPress makes good use of .htaccess file, make sure that the file attribute is set to 444. This means it can only be read but not written.
  • Always update your WordPress CMS version. Remember that these malicious guys often attack softwares that are popular and has widespread use. Think about Windows OS as against Apple OS. WorPress is now the most used CMS in the world. Hackers often race themselves in how to crack its codes in order to make them feel satisfied in penetrating the top and the best. But I’m pretty sure the WordPress good guys are doing overtime to make our sites safe.

Consider this as a learning experience and a time for you to brush up your web designing skills. I have been pre-occupied lately by activities related to the deaf community so I don’t update my sites as often as I used to. So I took this situation as an opportunity to review my web design lessons. 🙂

Web Accessibility Forum

I know that we have been very busy with our own work. But just to show to you that Philippine Web Accessibility Group has not been idle these past few months, I would like to announce that there will be a Web Accessibility Forum tomorrow, August 2, 2011 from 8:00 am to 12:00nn at the “Occupational Health and Safety Center in North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City in front of Veterans Golf Club.

This activity is in line with the celebration of “White Cane Safety Week” slated from August 1 – 6. The forum will convene the webmasters/web designers of different government agencies as well as key non-government stakeholders in making their websites accessible to Persons with Disabilities called for in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities.

Mr. Julius Serrano of ATRIEV will be giving short lectures on access of blind persons on the Internet while I will be giving a brief overview of laws and Philippine circular regarding web accessibility.

This forum is free. You may want to drop in to OHSC if you don’t have conflict with your schedules. See you there! 🙂

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