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Hello everyone! I’m Jojo I. Esposa Jr. so I’m fondly called by my nickname Jojo. My user name in Wikipedia is Jomanila. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines hence the nick Jomanila. But I use jojomccid here in blog in order to promote our school MCCID College. I am a registered sign language interpreter in our country. I have been signing for the deaf since 1992. I am a strong advocate of Filipino Sign Language and deaf culture.

I have created an article in 1996 entitled Love for the language means Love for the People – A Focus on Deaf Culture based on my personal experiences. This link is still alive and hosted by Tripod.com.

I am currently the Training Director of Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf College of Technology. I am also the first president of Philippine Web Accessibility Group, an advocacy group that teaches and promotes Web accessibility in the Philippines as a method of making information accessible to all including persons with disabilities (PWD). I am also a web designer and the only Filipino member of Guild of Accessible Web Designers and a member of Web Standards Group. I have also contributed articles in web accessibility in Web Standards Group, Closed captioning on the Internet and Benefits of Accessible Websites.

I have authored the first reference book in my entire life just last 2007. It’s entitled “Basic Web Accessibility Guide for Filipinos.” I have also contributed a few articles in Wikipedia.


Here are a few sites that I created and submitted to w3csites.com:





I may be a hearing person but I have grown to love the Deaf people and their quaint intricacies. This I believe is my speckle contribution within the huge dot of life. 🙂

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  1. We launched the site WebbyTalents to sweep away preconceived ideas about people with disabilities by uploading videos for FREE on the new global social video networking Webbytalents.com. Welcome to ALL your videos at http://www.webbytalents.com . Share Your Talents or your testimony on WebbyTalents. Many thanks for your contents or your trailers.

    The Gazette : http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/story.html?id=92f2e0b3-1203-453c-b675-7b9af7951c90
    24heures : http://montreal.24heures.ca/ChroniquesHebdo/EmploiEtFormation/2008/05/05/5470491-sun.html
    Voir.ca : http://www.voir.ca/blogs/popculture_montreal/archive/2008/05/14/nouveau-r-233-seau-social-pour-personnes-handicap-233-es.aspx

  2. Good day! I am an Architecture student of Ateneo de Davao University. I am currently doing my thesis which aims to create an architectural environment for all types of disabilities.
    In line with this, i would like to ask if you know any organizations of auditory disabilities here in Davao?

    If you know anything which can help me, please let me know through my email. Any form of assistance will truly be appreciated.

    Thank you and God bless!

  3. Hi Sir Jojo, I’m a student of UP College of Fine Arts and (also) currently working on my thesis research about deaf children. So glad I found a blogger that has so much concern about the deaf community.

    According to a book that I’ve read, the identity of a person is shaped by two factors: (1) the attributes that make each of us unique, and (2)society’s reaction to our uniqueness.

    In the case of deaf children, as they’re being ridiculed because of their “uniqueness”, how do you think can they learn to have a high self-esteem? What are the help they can possibly get as a child to withstand the scrutinizing eyes of the public?

    Thank you sir! I really need infos from a practitioner like you. And your site is definitely a good reference for my data gathering. God bless!

  4. Hello Brent!

    Nice of you to comment on this blog. I will post a separate blog entry for your questions so that many people would participate in answering them and not just me.

    Thank you for asking. God bless you too. 🙂

  5. i often get mad when i see hearing mock and ridicule the deaf people. deaf also are people who has feelings. sometimes when i confront a hearing person, i told him/her, try to be in his/her (the deaf) position, how would you feel.

    i just hope that more and more hearing people would have the heart for the deaf. the deaf is also part of the community, and our country. they have potentials, too that sometimes higher than we expected.

    try to consider them and listen to them. they need to be respected also as much as we want others to respect us.


  6. Hi, Jojo.

    We were recommended to contact you for your recommendations.

    We are a team of American Sign Language filmmakers and educators, we have developed a series of American Sign Language DVD education for kids and adults of all ages in various of topics including idioms, phrases and structures of ASL. Again, we were highly recommended to contact your office in asking for your referral to a company; either a distributor or organization that sells DVD products on American Sign Language so we can develop liaison with that organization in retailing our ASL DVD products. Our team is from New York City and you can visit our site at http://www.everydayasl.com to better understand our work.

    We do really appreciate your recommendations who we can contact and we look forward,

    Gilda Ganezer & Avery Posner
    Everyday ASL Productions, Ltd.
    Tel: 866-485-1785 Cell/VP
    Fax: 631-980-3967
    Email: support@everydayasl.com
    Website: http://www.EverydayASL.com
    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/everydayasl
    MySpace Community: http://www.myspace.com/everydayasl

  7. Hi there Jojo! I have an important message to relay to you about the Cebu Pacific discrimination. Senator Mar Roxas through his Chief-of-Staff has already forwarded a letter to the Cebu Pacific Management about the issue.

    Hope you can email me at kevinraychua@gmail.com so that I can forward the message to you.


  8. Hi sir jojo! I’m an incoming 4th year student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines , Sta.Mesa, Manila. We have this proposed thesis and a software (i am a BS Computer Science student :)). It is a tutorial software that incorporates video for its users. Our users would be the hearing ones, not the deaf. Our goal is to help those people who want to learn basic sign language that will be a great help to them especially if they have a deaf family member.

    Could I ask some help from you? Thank you.
    My email is: marrahjanine@hotmail.com

  9. hi! i’m currently a student at the UST Graduate school, and i’m doing a research on the work experiences of the deaf with local companies — whther or not they were treated fairly, and on the perspective of the business sector on the employment of the deaf. I found this site, and i’m hopeful that you could enlighten me more on the topic.

    If there are other deaf who are willing to share their experinces, please email me. My husband, Gerald is also deaf, and was a graduate of psd and miriam college. I am hearing, and i’m doing this study to promote awareness on disability employment on the part of the employer, and also to show that the deaf are in fact, and also in my experience, more productive and focused with their work, once given the opportunity.

    My study aims to lessen descrimination on the part of the deaf, and hopefully increase awareness, especially in employment and the business sectors….

    I’m also doing a business plan that focuses on the deaf, and if anyone would like to help, or know someone who can help me, please email me and send me your numbers, i will get in touch with you personally… thank you!!!

    my email is kathrine_adonis@yahoo.com

    1. Hi catherine are you a deaf bcoz i have a deaf friend and he has looking deaf girl. And also to merry here

    1. Hello Rick!

      Thanks for dropping by and linking my blog to yours. Nagka-idea tuloy ako to link all those PWDO bloggers to my site. 🙂

      Thanks again.

      1. Tnks God i found this site…my child who’s 5 years old suffering also from profound loss of hearing we already purchased hearing aid but still not enough to hear like a normal kids and mdyo mbgal ang progress… sir ask ko lng po sna kng paano at saan at mgkano ang cochlear implants sa atin dyan s pilipinas ofw po aq nw. sna bgyan nyo nmn po aq ng impormasyon kng paano mkakuha din ng discount mdyo my kmahalan tlga poh pero i pursue nmin pra s aming anak..slamat poh wer looking forward for your positive respond w/ this regard..

  10. Hi sir Jojo,

    I am Kent Brian C. Tan, the Business Development Manager of Abot Tanaw., We are a social media network company, and the premier company in the country giving out FREE VIDEO conferencing to all OFW and OFW families.

    Last week, I was with my colleagues walking on our way to the office after having dinner and we saw a group of Hearing impaired students gathered, we had no idea what their topic was all about since non of us had a formal training on Deaf Language, but seeing them smile and laugh filled my heart with so much joy. I would love to serve and help you in your advocacies in the best way I can.

    Please contact me on the following contact details, I would love to share with you my vision on how to help our brothers and sisters who have Hearing Impairment. Cellphone : 0908.891.7323, email: kent.tan@abottanaw.com.,
    Thank you and More power!

    Yours in SERVICE,
    Kent Brian C. Tan

  11. Hi Jojo,

    I’m here in Makati, and Me and my office mates would like to volunteer on a Deaf/Mute Institution near Makati or on Makati Area preferably, I would like to ask if you such place.. if you do, would appreciate if you could post the contact details.



    1. Hello Lynx!

      Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the cause of deaf people. 🙂

      CAP College School for the Deaf is located in Amorsolo St., Makati City. They have been in existence since 1989. They have excellent and very accommodating faculty, administration and staff. They would gladly need your volunteer services.

      Also there is KASAMAKA CBR. Their office is in Bautista St., near Makati City Hall. I’ll give you the details soon.

      You might want to visit our MCCID Site directory and look for some institutions there to hook up with including the ones I mentioned above.



      Again, thank you very much for your interest. God bless!

  12. Dear Jojo

    Just came across your website only yesterday and found some very kind comments about my post on St Francis de Sales. Thank you. I’ve made two posts about the conference on the Deaf in the Vatican this week: Vatican Conference on the Deaf
    http://www.misyononline.com/blog/?q=node/234 , http://www.misyononline.com/misyonforum/?q=node/1110 and http://bangortobobbio.blogspot.com/2009/11/vatican-conference-for-deaf.html . Pope Benedict challenges the Deaf to bring the Gospel to others: http://www.misyononline.com/blog/?q=node/235 , http://www.misyononline.com/misyonforum/?q=node/1113 and http://bangortobobbio.blogspot.com/2009/11/pope-benedict-challenges-deaf-to-bring.html .

    1. Father Coyle!

      Thank you very much for your lovely comments in your blog. I almost did not see your comment because WordPress placed it under spam. Your comment has too many URL links so WordPress thought it’s a spam. It’s a good thing I opened it and removed it under spam list. 🙂

      I thought you would never visit my site. My post about the Catholic deaf was five months ago. I also added your blog link in my blogroll after I blogged about your wonderful site so people can visit it.

      Glad to hear from you. I hope that I can personally meet you someday. God bless! 🙂


  13. I can’t find any figures on the number of deaf individuals in the Philippines – the last reference cited was the 2000 census and the number was 121,000, though an American site says the figure is closer to 4 million. None of the websites concerning Philippine organizations of the deaf cite a number, which seems surprising – is there more recent information somewhere?

    1. Hello!

      Sorry to disappoint you but there really isn’t anything that actually existed. There were several attempts in counting the number of deaf persons in the Philippines. But it’s the government’s interpretation on who should be authorized to count which led to it not getting anywhere.

      There was a count from the Department of Education-SPED. But that is only based on those schooled deaf from elementary to high school. You may want to ask the National Council on Disability Affairs if they have the figures. (http://www.ncda.gov.ph). You may also want to solicit the information from the Akap Pinoy Alyansa ng mga May Kapansanan. They are now conducting an online Registry for Persons with Disabilities (http://www.pwdregistry.org). Another one was with the Department of Health. Their link is http://www.doh.gov.ph/persons_disabilities.html.

  14. Hello,
    I am Lionnel Koudjo Dzimson, am a young man of deaf and twenty two years old. It is true that i am living in Togo and stay home with mother but i attended school for the deaf in Ghana as that i have finished school on 2009 and i completed Senior high School for the deaf. I have passed and found out that i succeed the certificate result but i want to go to university.
    However concering my mother, she still cannot to help anything in my education and it is true that i am worried about my education. I still have it in mind. I want to further my education to the highest level but you know eduction for the deaf in Ghana or Togo is not good or very difficult for the deaf to cope with. I deemed it imperative to study abroad where more deaf students can receive quality esducation. There are lots of quality education i abroad that help the deaf students to cope and get a useful career after school. I heard some of my friends from Ghana who are studying abroad and it has motivated me to go and study aboard so i could succeed to help you and my family one day. I can assure you that I have the ability to cope but because africa are not thinking about the deaf. This is different from abroad where deaf people can do many things than here. I know that i am the first born and i will take care of my family one day and i believe i can if only i have quality access to edcucation that can enable me succeed.
    So it is my opinion that i suggest you try your best to help me go to study abroad by means so i can be able to succeed in order to you in the future.
    Taht is all that i have in mind and am waiting for you to consider with my idea and let me know what you think about tell me now.


  15. Hello Sir Jojo,

    I used to be a teacher in one of the computer schools in cebu. I was tasked to invite students from a deaf school and it was super challenging. It turned out no one from their school enrolled college on our school. But the fact that we have one student who is deaf, can lip-read, and excel is already an indication that we can teach them computer lessons. Your profession is noble! Keep up the good work man!

    PS. Maybe we can exchange blogroll links? =)


    Mark M.

    1. Good day Daniel!

      Thank you very much for adding my blog in yours. I really appreciate that. I will reply in your blog post. Thanks again. 🙂

  16. Hi Jojo,

    I thought you might be interested in learning about a new travel opportunity for deaf/hard of hearing people. Discovering Deaf Worlds just launched a program (DDW Journeys) and is now leading trips to Costa Rica, Thailand and Cambodia. Check out the website and let me know if you want more info. Would be great if you can blog about this and share with your following! http://www.gophilanthropic.com/you/deaftravel.php.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or David Justice at djustice@discoveringdeafworlds.org.

  17. Dear sir,

    God bless you and all your ministry members who are working for kingdom of God.

    Because God vision Ministry also working for deaf and disabled people. we have not so much fund for giving them hearing item and have not support from any government and local organisation just we are doing with our local funds. reason why i wrote to you if possible kindly help us to do better work for them.
    We have expert sewing teacher who teach deaf female, how to sewing cloths. after complete courses, they can work and start getting money but many female have not sewing machines and we have not fund to give them. Bible Teaching program for deaf with Jesus Film and have teacher who teach them Bible Study.
    we have project for disable Children.

    these are little detail from me kindly if any thing more you need i will prove you.

    In Jesus Christ,

    Pastor Amin Barkat

  18. Hi Sir,

    I am Maricel from LINK Center for the Deaf. We are having a communications-advocacy planning for a project on Disability Inclusive Elections. We’d like to invite you to be part of it. We know that your contribution/input will greatly help increase the participation of the Filipinos who are deaf in the electoral process specifically in the 2013 legislative and local elections. I can email you details of said activity. Can I get your email address? Thanks Sir.

    1. Hello Maricel! Thanks for your comments. You can email me at jojomccid@yahoo.com

      You might want to go to our school’s official website or click on this link to read about our humble initiative as regards election awareness campaign for the deaf. 🙂

  19. Hi, I’m Carmela from California. I like your blogs and read them occasionally.

    I’ll graduate from California State University Northridge this December. I’ll receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies this May. I was born in Makati, Manila but I moved to California at 8 1/2 years old. I’m planning to return to Manila this Jan and staying there for a year. Do you think that there’s a possible opportunity for teaching deaf children in Manila and other province? I’m planning to find a teaching job in Manila or other province. I’m flexible to teach children on any grade levels. Can you email me the list of elementary and high schools in Manila and other provinces?

    I want to learn Filipino Sign Language and make new friends with deaf Filipinos.


    My email address is happypinaygirl23@yahoo.com

  20. i am an architectural student of UP Diliman and our thesis subject for this year is :service oriented architecture. i am focused on studying about the deaf community and i have found your blog to be very informative.

    wondering if we can have a meet to talk more about what’s happening (are there any developments) with regards to the deaf community.

    feel free to email me!

    sincerely yours,
    Francis Liwanag

  21. Hello Sir Jo, do you know anyone or any organization in Davao City who teaches how to interpret sign languages for deaf and mute? Kailangan ko po kasing matuto ng sign language for my cousin. Thank you so much!

  22. Learned that you have moved to a new location. I hope that the students enjoy their new surroundings. Keep up the great work! =)

  23. It’s so nice reading your blog… I can across this when I was reading about Cochlear Implant… I am 27 years old and have been wearing hearing aids for most part of my life. I have gone through regular schools, and recently finished a certificate in culinary arts. My parents and I went through the option of having the CI when I was younger, at 8 or 9 maybe… But we decided not to push thought with it as it was not proven yet then. It was not as 100 percent successful. Now that I am 27, I come across the same options to choose for this coming years…

    Your blog has helped me learn alot about various ways of trying to improve my hearing: stem cell treatment and CI…

    I wish to know more about everything and will finally come up with a choice next year hopefully….

    Happy New Year! And thank you!

    1. Hi, I’m Yen for short, 23 years old and have been wearing hearing aids for the job last year. Honestly, I’ve been working for 5 months at one of the high-class restaurant here in Cebu but suddenly i got terminated due to my hearing problem. Up to now, I’m also having a hard time to apply any job position due to my defect of speech like “ch”, “sh”, “s”. 😦

      Anyway, I studied from one of the common University in Cebu and took up BSAT(BS Accounting Technology) but unfortunately, I’m a junior undergraduate student due to financial problem. Is there anything I can work?Please help me if possible or anyway you can 😦 I am very eager to work and earn some money for my family needs.

      Thank You for your appreciation of my message.
      God Bless.

  24. I really want to learn how to sign language. I only know alphabet and some sign that I learn from the tv series switch at birth… My uncle is deaf and I never in my entire life converse with him because I don’t know how to sign… Since I was a kid I really want to learn how… I would like to know where I can enroll to learn and how much will that cost? Thanks

  25. Good Morning Sir Jojo,

    My name is Cristina Guanzon and I’m a student in UST Industrial Design. I’m doing this research as my thesis about the safety for the deaf in commuting. Also the reason why I chose this as my thesis, is that I’m also deaf, but I speak. I grew up in hearing environment. I’m hoping to meet anyone from the same field of disability to understand what was it’s like and to find out that I am not the only one. I’m also hoping that we could discuss this topic privately. Is there any way I could contact you?

    1. Hi… Could I join the group too in keeping in touch as I am also hearing impaired and I want to learn sign language too… Thank you

      Sent from my iPhone


  26. Hi! Could you recommend a tutor who could teach us sign language or maybe a school we could enrol in? My sister became deaf from an accident and has been teaching herself American Sign Language online for more than a year now I think.

  27. Hi Sir Jojo, is there a group where i can join to communicate with other fellow hearing impaired? I have been hearing impaired my whole life and i want to create an advocacy for the hearing impaired. I am working as a Chef in a 5-star hotel in Makati, and I want to inspire others… Please let me know how I can do that. Thank you

  28. Hello, Mr. Jojo!

    I am Dyan Francisco, a graduating student of BFA Information Design from Ateneo de Manila University. I’m currently doing a thesis intended to contribute to the deaf community. My goal is to create an innovative design solution that can pave a way for better communication between the hearing and the deaf communities. To start, I am aiming at creating a stronger bond between hearing members of the family and their deaf family members.

    I am contacting you to ask if I could interview you regarding the matter. Coming from your expertise, I believe you have a vast amount of knowledge that can contribute in the execution of my thesis.

    I am looking forward to a positive response from you! I am sure that with your help, the thesis I am crafting will greatly contribute the deaf community.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  29. hi, i’m not sure if this blog is still updated. I stumbled upon your this blog while searching about hearing loss in children in the philippines… i’m helping a friend who has a son with bilateral profound hearing loss. he is only 2 years old. this blog has a lot of insights and is really helpful. hopefully we can share this also in our blog… http://enzogiftofsound.blogspot.com thanks

    1. Thank you very much for visiting my blog, Enzo. Sorry for not updating my site often. Thank you very much too for the advocacy you are doing for your friend’ son. May your prayers and efforts of having him receive a cochlear implant be granted. 🙂

  30. Hi I’m Aileen, I was seeking help to my niece, she lives in the Philippines, she was 5 years old, mute and deaf. Last may 26 she had her Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) the doctor advised her parents to buy her hearing aid for both ears unfortunately her parents can not afford to buy the hearing aid. I am hoping that your foundation can help my niece. Thank you!

  31. Good day. We are looking for sign language classes in the qc area for my husband and myself as well as 2 young children. Would you be able to share any recommendations? Thanks

    1. Hi Liane,

      I know that your message was not intended for me. But i would like to answer your question regarding your situation. Have tried the Gualandi mission talamban?

  32. Hi mr. jojomccid,

    My name is Lanz and I have a friend that has a research project that they need to fulfill. They are looking for interviewees that are of ages 17 and above that are hearing but their parents are deaf from birth within the Cebu City province. This is a research project to raise awareness of the deaf community here in Cebu City. If you know of any group, organization or anyone that has such information, please let me know as soon as you can. You can email me at “lanztan@yahoo.com”. I’m hoping to hear back from you soon.

    Thank you,



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