Philippine National Anthem Video in Filipino Sign Language

Watch this 1.24-minute video-dramatization of the Philippine National Anthem signed by deaf students using Filipino Sign Language. The nineteenth century costumes were used highlighting the country’s condition and uprising against colonial Spanish era. It has both Tagalog and English captions. The presentation was videotaped behind the picturesque mountains of San Mateo in Rizal province. It is a 6,000 sq. m. property where the future site of MCCID will be erected.

This activity was conceptualized by MCCID Faculty Sir Jefferson Cortez as part of his Filipino Sign Language class. Lucky McGill Paltep (the one holding the Philippine Flag), a 2nd year Diploma in Arts and Computer Design Technology (DACDT) deaf student choreographed the sequences. Maricris Siping did the sign language interpretation. Overall director was MCCID Deaf Coordinator Sir Ervin Reyes.

Read more about how this short video presentation took shape and some insights about being a deaf person on the blog of my idol-friend Jeff. Enjoy 🙂

14 thoughts on “Philippine National Anthem Video in Filipino Sign Language

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  1. This is really cool. Thank you for showing something like this. Especially when I like to see or learn new things about my culture.

  2. This was really cool to see. Thanks for posting something like this. It nice to learn new things about my culture when I dont know a whole lot.

  3. We are proud of you Lucky Paltep and Jennifer Cahilig our former students from BID really your shinning keep up the good works. Continue to shine for God’s glory…

  4. Good day po! Gusto ko po na magtanong tungkol sa process ng pagkakaroon ng license for the interpreter po.

    Taga Tagum City po ako, nakatapos na po ako ng Basic Sign Language Training po at nakapasa po sa Evaluation at ang evaluator po namin ay license interpreter po.

    I really want to join for the intermediate level training for the sign language but is there any assurance that I can have a license when I can pass all the levels for the sign language training po?

    I really need an response from you regarding in my question. Thank you very much.

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